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Introduction of SOS Children’s Village Tianjin



Tianjin SOS Children’s Village is the first villages founded through cooperation between International SOS Children’s Organization and Chinese Government. In Nov. 1984, a foundation was laid and in Oct. 1986, the village was set up and began to adopt orphans. In May 1987, the inauguration ceremony was held. Siduated in Hedong District, Tianjin SOS Children’s Village covers over 33,300 square meters with construction area of 8,790 square meters.

Since its foundation, more than 200 children have left the Village, 13% have admitted to universities and colleges, 3 have gone abroad for study(1 has achieved Master’s Degree and worked for an Canadian bank), over 10 have joined in Communist Party, over 140 have joined in Communist Youth League, and about 100 have been praised as "excellent student" by the school, district, and city. Special training classes of calligraphy, painting and music are open to the children, so that some children have made great progresses in these aspects. Qi Qi, a boy of the Village, has awarded Hermann Gmeiner Acadamy-Music because of his excellent performances in arts.

The development of SOS Children’s Village embodies village director, mothers, and co-workers' hard work. 19 mothers and 11 co-workers have awarded SOS Children’Village Ring by International SOS Children’s Village Organization. A mother, Jin Chaorong, has awarded “China Top 10 Excellent Mothers” by National Women Association in 2001.

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