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Introduction of SOS Children’s Village Yantai


SOS Children’s Village Yantai China was founded in Nov. 1984 with the honest cooperation and great help of SOS Kinderdorf International and thanks to the profound concern of the people’s Government of Yantai City and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. This village is one of the two earlist SOS Children’s Village in China.

Yantai SOS Children’s Village is located at Fushan District of Yantai City. It was founded on 11th Nov 1984, finally begin to adopt the orphans in October 1986. This village covers an area of 43333 square meters with the total construction area of 6750 square meters. Since the establishment of Village, the Yantai SOS Children’s Village has adopted and raised more than 300 orphans from Shandong, Henan, Xinjiang and Heilongjiang Provinces.

Up to now, 200 children have been working, they do well at work and win the high esteem from the public. 80 children have admitted to universities and colleges. 5 children have got the scholarship and gone abroad for study. 90 children have built their own families.

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