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Introduction of SOS Children’s Village Lhasa


SOS Children’s Village Lhasa, China is the 9th children’s Village that was set up with the co-operation of SOS-Kinderdorf International and the government. It is located in La Gong High way, Gang De Lin Village, Naiqiong Town, Dui long Deqing county and with the total area 26,668 square meters.The construction of Village started in 1999, completed in October 2000, finally opened on 2nd June 2001.

Historically and naturally, Tibet is a less-developed minority region that lies on the far southwest borders of our country. Due to the bad economic base, the low level of productive forces, there is a big gap on the level of people’s material and culture life comparing with the developed region of the mainland. So the government pay more attention to the construction and development of Tibet and giving it lots of generous support and help in many aspects.

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