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Lhasa’s Beijing Primary School Teachers Visited Lhasa’s SOS Children’s Village

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On July 28th, 2017, leaders and teachers of Beijing Primary School visited Lhasa’s SOS children’s village.

After visiting children’s living environment, teachers were moved by its convenience, which had brought children a lot of happiness. Under the care of the Party, the Government, mothers and employees, children were all healthy and out-going.

After the visit, teachers had a discussion meeting with people in the village. In the meeting, Ji Qiong, headmaster of the village, showed warm welcome to teachers, and roughly introduced the basic information of the village and children’s tending issues. Ba Bian, Feng Liu and Deli Ci, principals of the school, gave speeches in a row. They all mentioned that living in happiness, children should embody their own dreams and work hard to repay society. Children should always be grateful to those mothers and employees who tended and educated them, and become a person with dreams, ethics, knowledge and discipline. Mother and children representatives also gave impromptu speeches to thank teachers’ guide. The village will make use of this activity to co-work with the school in order to provide better education for children.

The school did a lot to help children go to school. Up to now, 6 of 38, who studied in the school, has graduated from the school this year.

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