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The second General Council of the Eighth Session of China’s SOS Children’s Village Institute and China’s National SOS Children’s Village Social Donation and Reform Experience Meeting has been Held

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From July 24th to 27th, the second General Council of the eighth session of China’s SOS Children’s Village Institute and China’s national SOS children’s village social donation and reform experience meeting was held in Lhasa. Members of the meeting visited families, youth apartment, teachers’ buildings and the indoor meeting center of Lhasa’s SOS children’s village. They exchanged ideas on social donation and reform work, and chiefs of children’s village in Lhasa, Chengdu, Nanchang, Yantai made some speeches. In the meeting, the representatives of the General Council concluded village’s work since the eighth General Meeting, discussed and finally passed Means of Domestic Promotion and Advice on Setting an Opening Day in China’s SOS Children’s Village, and unloaded other meeting documents to the secretariat for further amending advise. In the meeting, the member of the secretariat gave some donations to people in the village on behalf of Beijing Tan’er Hutong Primary School and Da’anlan Kindergarten, and also held the signing ceremony of Zhongtian Love Philanthropic Foundation’ s donation. The donation showed the foundation’s support to Tibet’s Education work as well as the SOS children’s village project. Participants visited people in Lhasa’s SOS children’s village’s performances and took some pictures with them. Chiefs of 12 general council units around the country, part of routine directors of village’s love union and some cities’ competent department leaders attended the meeting. In the experience exchange meeting held on July 25th, Zhongfu Li, deputy investigator of general office of Lhasa municipal government, made a speech on behalf of the city leaders. Feijun Cong, deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, celebrated the village for all the work we had achieved, and promoted his hope to do better on helping orphans and other troubled children. Yong He, party secretary of Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, attended the meeting and offered some powerful supports.

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