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The First Book of China’s SOS Children’s Village was Published

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Last month, the first book of China’s SOS children’s village was published by China Society Press. The book is a collection of 100 solicit articles which were selected from “Telling stories of SOS children’s village” Competition held by Orphan Caring Specific Committee of SOS children’s village. Writers of those articles vary from children who either are staying or have left the village, family mothers, volunteers and employees. The famous writers Cun Chen and Xin Zhang were the judges of the competition. This is also the first book of 134 member countries whose preface was written by a pre-mother of the village.

Jinguo Li, the president of China’s SOS children’s village, wrote in the postscript that this is a description of the thirty-year development of China’s SOS children’s village. Though the writers were not professional, they brought a brand new reading experience for readers, which can help readers to know more about our village.

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