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Kaifeng SOS Children’s Village Held Fire Safety Education and Training Activities

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In the early May, our village invited people from Kaifeng fire brigade in Shunhe district to hold fire safety education and training activities. We held the activity to develop people’s awareness of fire safety and their ability of self-saving, and to avoid or reduce casualties and property loss caused by fire, and to prevent relevant accidents from happening.

Officials in the fire brigade came to the village in the morning. First, they spread knowledge of fire prevention, alarming, escape, fire fighting, and so on, so that people could know the harm of fire and the right way to call for fire alarming. Second, officials showed the right way of getting away from fire and of using fire extinguishers. The whole process included three parts: the happening of fire, the use of fire extinguishers, and the use of outdoor hydrants. The activity lasted for almost one hour, fast, safe and in order.

The activity implemented children’s fire safety awareness and their ability of self-saving. In addition, the activity also developed employees’ strain capacity when facing disasters like fire.

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