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Martial Art Class in Chengdu SOS Children’s Village Visited Provincial Land Sports School

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On May 6th, children art in martial class in Chengdu SOS children’s village visited the provincial land sports school. Led by principal Zhang, and teacher Zhang and Wang, children visited 2017 national shooting competition of the disabled. On the award ceremony, children played art martial, winning claps and applause of leaders and players. Children also experienced shooting and archery in the afternoon.

Children in the children’s village are familiar with Sichuan land sports school since they often play shooting, archery and basketball in the school. They love and yearn for the school a lot. In the shooting final game played that morning, they saw many disabled players from different provinces and cities around the country, who were happy and brave and full of determination despite their body flaws. Children were moved and inspired by their hard-working and never-give-up spirit, and they all said that they would pressure current happy life, study hard, care for others, and give back to society when they grow up.

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