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The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Chengdu SOS Children’s Village Was Held Sucessfully

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On the morning of April 11th, the 20th anniversary celebration of Chengdu SOS Children’s Village was held successfully in Chengdu Zunyue Hotel. The event was organized by the local municipal bureau, the China Association of SOS children's village, Chengdu Charity Federation and China SOS children's village, Chengdu. Siddhartha Kaul, chairman of the International SOS Children’s Village, Murthi Shubha, deputy secretary general,Li Jinguo, president of China’s SOS Children’s Village Association, Zhou Ping, vice president of the Association, Qin Wenlin, deputy secretary general of Chengdu government and Zhang Xiaojun, director of Chengdu municipal bureau attended the activity.

China's Chengdu SOS children's village was officially put into operation from April 12, 1997, and throughout those 20 years, children have grown up healthily under the care of people from all walks of life. This time, they took the advantage of the celebration and presented their varies talents such as painting and calligraphy, musical instruments, martial arts or taekwondo. Also they showed their gratefulness to people who had helped them through the dance Rising up after the fall. Mothers also gained a lot of applause through the dance Blue and white porcelain, showing their all-rounded development. During the celebration, Mr. Carl gave some gifts to those mothers and aunts in the Village, and Mr. Qin also gave some gifts to Mr. Carl to thank Mr. Carl’s contribution on China’s SOS Children’s Village.

In the past twenty years, the Village developed under the support and help of people from all walks of life. In the celebration, the Village awarded those supporters to thank their love, including representatives of the civil affairs apartment and of some enterprises, excellent individual supporters and public welfare cooperation organizations.

The celebration ended in the chorus of Grateful Heart. It showed our love and thankfulness to all supporting organizations and individuals for their contribution to the Village. Hope children in the Village can grow up in love and be grateful and do some contributions to society.

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