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Communication Activity of Celebrating National Unity and Women’s Day Was Held in SOS Children Village in Urumqi

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On March 8th, a communication activity of Celebrating National Unity and Women’s Day was held in SOS Children Village in Urumqi. Ren Jun, Party Secretary of Civil Affairs Bureau and Zhai Lingxia,associate director of Political Section attended the activity.

The activity was held on the fourth floor of the social center. Twinning and helping families from different nations and various walks of life celebrated the activity by sing and dancing, giving fashion shows, holding knowledge competition and other games. Programs like Harmonious Xinjiang, The Same as You, Happy Family depicted the picture of workers from different nations spending happy times together and living in an atmosphere of solidary and friendship. The knowledge competition part not only enriched the activity, but also encouraged people to apply knowledge in everyday life. During the fashion show and the game of “Four Wit”, when the activity was in full swing, mothers presented themselves as elegant, beautiful and graceful women by decorating each other with scarves, and they represented men’s humor by decorating four men with some stage properties. Finally, people celebrated mothers whose birthday were in March a meaningful and happy birthday, and secretary Ren Jun cut the cake and expressed her best wishes to every women.

Everyone sang and dance to the beautiful music of Uygur nationality with sounds of applause and cheers here and there. Female workers claimed that they had spent a meaningful Women’s Day, since they not only celebrated the holiday with sisters of various nations, but also received plenty of blessings. They are more confident to do a better job with women’s unique wisdom and talent in the year of 2017.



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