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Dream Comes True

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When Haonian came to SOS Children’s Village for the first time, he was a 11-year-old boy, in Grand 5. He studied very hard, but he was too silent to play with other children. That was because of his family background, he lived in a poor village before, his parents had to borrow money to support his study. So he was determined to change life by knowledge, the dream not only belonged to him, but also belonged to his parents. However, his parents died by an accident, which destroyed his dream. He became an orphan, silent and depressed, and could not go to school.

Ms. Hou was his SOS mother. She encouraged other children to play with Haonian together, and she often communicated with Haonian, because he was lonely and a little melancholy, which was not normal as a little boy. So his SOS mother tried her best to warm his heart and make him happy. After a period of living together, Haonian became more and more optimistic, and he started to trust his new family members, especially his SOS mother.

"I never worry about his study, but his health." Haonian's SOS mother said. When he was in Grade 2 of middle school, he had a slight fever for a long time and was diagnosed with tuberculosis(TB). His SOS mother was very anxious, she cleared up a single bedroom for him to guarantee his rest and made nutritious food for him. After one month’s repeated check at hospital, he was recovered. In the last half year of Grade 3, under the heavy study pressure, he got lepra alphos. Every week, his SOS mother went to hospital to take care him. In order to make him relaxed, his SOS mother often talked with him and made delicious food for him. With SOS mother’s kindly care, he recovered gradually.

Haonian went to the Youth Facility after entering senior high school. Without SOS mother’s supervision, he was addicted to the network and got a worse record at school. The teachers of the Youth Facility talked to Mother Hou and needed her help, so his SOS mother took him home to have a talk with him. From then on, his mother often talked with him about his dream, encouraged him constantly. When Haonian was in the age of youth rebellion, thanked to the teachers of Youth Facility and Mother Hou intervened in time, helped him cut out the bad habit and concentrated on his study. In 2010, he was admitted to Zhongshan University with good marks that exceeded 30 scores above the admission line.

Now, Haonian realize his childhood dream. He is a senior student, who is healthy, sunshine. He gets along well with others, and he is a volunteer at university. In his spare time, he often sends letters to his SOS mother via email. Although he will graduate from university, he thinks the road of study never ends.
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