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Children's Stories
Dream Comes True

When Haonian came to SOS Children’s Village for the first time, he was a 11-year-old boy, in Grand 5...

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Special Birthday Cake

Bianba Puchi is the mother of family house No.15 in SOS Children’s Village Lhasa, China...

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Story of Zhiwei

It is a kind of baptism to grow into an active and hardworking youth from an innocent little child...

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Story of Xie(told by his SOS mother)

Since leaving from the hometown, Xie has been living in our family for nine years...

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Two Brothers and Their SOS Family

Shama Yiti and Shama Yuepi are two brothers come to CV Chengdu just several months, one 5-year-old and another 6-year-old.

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Developing Kids’ Talents

Sun chao and Jiajia are both 8-year-old young boys. They live in No.3 SOS family. They have the same hobby...

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Handsome Guys Model Team

There are 13 children who are handsome and active in the Youth House. Except study every day

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A Little Boy and His Friend

Warsi is a little boy in one of the Uygur families in the village. He is famous for his kindness and timidity,

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A “War” Caused by Comic Books

My younger brother recently was crazy about reading comic book. His mind was full of it,

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What I Want to Be

When I was a little boy, my relatives were always asking me what I want to be in future.

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My Dream

I am a sophomore, major in preschool education. I am going to be a teacher at a kindergarden. To be a good teacher is my dream.

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