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    (Listed in order of the time of donation)

    • Taizhou International Trade Co., Ltd.
    • H&M
    • Dumex
    • C&A
    • Swiss Hotel
    • Herbalife
    • Louis Vuitton
    • Renji Group
    • Lvbeier Dairy Company
    • Mr. Saidiko(the former Austria ambassador)and Mrs. Saidiko
    • Austria Embassy Commercial Office
    • Grand Millennium Beijing
    • Bailong kitchenware Co., Ltd.
    • JIA Shanghai
    • Yi Min Culture and Education Foundation of China
    • Hongkong International Trade Consulting Co., Ltd.
    • Assets Division of the Bureau of Government Affairs Administration of the State Council
    • Austrian Association Shanghai
    • Brose technology enterprise management (China) Co., Ltd.
    • Gamder LED Switch
    • Mr. Shi Zheng
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